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15 DIY Graduation Gift‭ & ‬Party Ideas

It’s the time of year where we’ll all thinking about graduation ceremonies, parties, kids getting ready to go off to college or kids moving from middle school to high school. While it’s always a fun (and busy!) time of year, it’s also bittersweet. My oldest finished up his senior year …
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Simple Parrot Craft for Kids

Even though my kids are getting older, I still love being able to do fun crafts with them. This Parrot Craft for Kids was a fun idea that we came up with because we had extra cups left over after a family party. Crafting is always better when you can …

15 Totally Cute Turtle Crafts for Kids

  My Grandma has collected things with turtles on them for as long as I can remember. Anytime the kids and I see a turtle statue or anything with a turtle on it, I’m reminded of her. In fact, she had to tell the family to not buy her anything …