Upcycling ugly, thrown away candle holders with spray paint

My love of spray paint started a few months ago. I went to a blogger’s social and we got this awesome swag bag. Each of us got 2-3 cans of spray paint & I didn’t have a use for them so I gave them to my friend Barbara because that girl loves her some spray paint!  Anyways, I chatted with her online a couple of days later & asked what on earth she was going to spray paint & she must have thought I was a goober!  She showed me all the things she had painted, assured me that I could do it too and from that point on, I was hooked.

Spray Paint

I’m always looking for things to spray paint & bring new life to.  I’ve done my metal owls that I love so much & wanted something else for our little, funky fireplace.  My neighbors are redoing their home (Jealous!) and have been setting things outside that they want to give away for free.  One day, I saw these tall candle holders & loved the shape of them.  I just knew they needed a little paint & would be so cool!

Spray Paint

I decided to use Rust-oleum’s Painter’s Touch in Lagoon (Satin finish).  The first thing I needed to do with these candle holders was scrape off some of the old melted wax that was left on them.  Second, I had to pull out my trusty glue gun & glue down some of the cord that wrapped around the holders. Then, it was time to cover my work station (ok, it’s my husband’s garage & he’s not thrilled that I keep taking it over HA!).


After the glue dried, it was time to get spraying.  On the bottom of the holders, it was soft enough to push in 3 pushpins so that when I sprayed, the holder wouldn’t stick to the plastic I laid down (I learned this the hard way on the last project!)

Spray Paint

I sprayed one coat on the front & one side of the holders then carefully turned it around.  I sprayed the other 2 sides & then I let it dry about 30 minutes.  After that, I sprayed them with another coat of paint & let it dry again.  After a couple of hours, I sprayed both of them on all sides with a clear gloss enamel spray paint (I got it at Ace Hardware).

Spray Paint

I could have sprayed them with another coat but I really liked how you could still see the cord in a few places.  I’m extremely happy with the outcome and think they look great with all my owls on the fireplace & our new curtains.  You really can spray paint a ton of stuff to bring new life to it.


Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Now, it’s your turn!  Do you have something around the house that needs a new life?  A little sprucing up?  What could you spray paint & make pretty again?


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