15 Totally Cute Turtle Crafts for Kids


15 Totally Cute Turtle Crafts for Kids

My Grandma has collected things with turtles on them for as long as I can remember. Anytime the kids and I see a turtle statue or anything with a turtle on it, I’m reminded of her. In fact, she had to tell the family to not buy her anything else with turtles on them because she had too many things (she even counted how many turtle items she had…I think it was 80+). But, that didn’t stop my daughter from drawing her Great-Grandma a turtle drawing that she still cherishes years later. We have always loved doing turtle crafts to send to my Grandma so I love every one of these on this list!

1. Recycled CD Turtle Craft | I Heart Arts N Crafts

2. Egg Carton Turtle Craft | Crafty Morning

3. Paper Plate Turtle Craft | Glued to My Crafts

4. Floating Turtle Craft | Study at Home Mama

5. Turtle Magnet Craft | Learning 2 Walk

6. Walnut Shell Turtles | No Time for Flash Cards

7. Paper Turtle | JDaniel4’s Mom

8. Felt Turtle | Wildflower Ramblings

9. Mosaic Turtle Craft | One Creative Mommy

10. Turtle Herb Planters | Reading Confetti

11. Stamped Turtle Craft | Sand In My Toes

12. Wine Cork Turtles | Crafty Morning

13. Painted Turtle Rocks | Creative Family Fun

14. Sparkly Paper Plate Turtle | Artsy Momma

15. More Egg Carton Turtles | Frugal Fun 4 Boys

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