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25 Amazing Upcycled or Repurposed Kid Projects


I am always so amazed at all the projects I see online of things that people have upcycled or repurposed.  I just don’t have the brain that let’s me look at something ugly & see it in a brand new, wonderful new light.  Here are 25 projects I love that were taken from something ugly/old/not used anymore & made into something great for kids!

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Repurposed Play Kitchen

Crib to Chalkboard Easel Tutorial

Cupboard Door-gone-Art Desk

Costume Closet

Coffee Table turned Sensory Table

From Door to Toddler Bed

Plate Rack to Kids Book Holder

Puppet Theater from a Pallet

Bench Into Kids Chalkboard Table

Old Kitchen Cabinet to Kid’s Toy Box

Pallet into Book Shelves

Old Console TV to Puppet Theater

Empty DVD Case to Kid’s Coloring Case

Dresser/Hutch Top to Kid’s Play Store

Small Table/Worktable into Kid’s BBQ Grill

Crate into Kid’s Pirate Chest

Boards Games Into Art/Storage

Shoe Racks Into Doll Bunk Beds

Bookcase into Dollhouse

Old Sweater to Doll Dress

Pillowcases into Floor Cushions/Nap Mats

Pool Noodles into Garland

Pool Noodles into Star Wars Lightsabers

Umbrella/Hula Hoop to Children’s Play Tent

Thrift Store Side Table to Chalkboard Table for Kids

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