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“Hoppy Easter” – Easter Bunny Printable

Easter is April 20th…are you already planning your menu, what you’re going to wear and how your Easter eggs will be decorated? I have to admit, I haven’t thought a ton about it but I know that it’s time I start! The first thing I decided to do was print out this brand new “Hoppy Easter” printable, spray paint an old frame the exact shade of lavender (the color is off in the photos but I promise it’s a great shade!) and start thinking about what we’ll be having for Easter dinner. I adore ham so I know it’ll be on the table but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in the planning!

Click on the graphic below to be taken to a pdf version of my “Hoppy Easter” printable and print yourself a copy! This fun Easter Bunny Printable will look great on the wall or if you’re having a brunch table, you can add the frame there too! Enjoy!

"Hoppy Easter" - Easter Bunny Printable

Hoppy Easter Easter Bunny Printable

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