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6 Tips to Help You Conquer Bedwetting

Growing up, I had trouble with bedwetting. It lasted a lot longer than what was considered “normal” and I thought I was probably the only one in the world that this happened to (never mind it ran in my family). After I had my first son and he was potty trained, I didn’t think about it too much until he started wetting the bed almost every night. This continued past the age of 10 (not every night but enough to embarrass him). I hated that he had to go through what I had to go through…not going to sleepovers or going & being terrified that someone would find out, waking up in the middle of the night cold & sopping wet, feeling so ashamed and embarrassed in the morning and not understanding why it kept happening not matter how early you stopped drinking or how little you drank. But, the truth is that 15% of children still wet the bed after age 5 and 7-10% of kids wet the bed at age 7. Instead of feeling like there’s nothing you can do, here are a few tips to help you conquer bedwetting.

6 Tips to Help You Conquer Bedwetting #ConquerBedWetting
  1. Limit drinks after dinner. If your child is thirsty, let them have a little sip of water but not a full cup.
  2. Head to the bathroom. Make sure that the last thing your child does before going to bed is taking a trip to the bathroom.
  3. Be prepared. Pampers UnderJams are a great tool to help kids feel confident at night. They are made from quiet, cloth-like materials so they are much more comfortable to wear than the ones my son wore when he was younger. Every time he moved or walked, the undergarments he had to wear would make so much noise and were not comfortable at all! Plus, they came up so high on his stomach, they were hard to hide under pajamas. Pampers UnderJams have a low waist so only your child will know he is wearing them
  4. Leave a light on. Make sure your child feels comfortable getting up in the night to go to the bathroom if they need to. Leave on either a night light or a hall light so they aren’t scared to get out of bed and head to the bathroom.
  5. Don’t make a big deal about it. If your child wets the bed, try really hard not to let them see you discouraged or upset. I’ve been on both sides of the equation and it’s really not fun to have to tell your Mom that you wet the bed AGAIN and I know as a parent, it’s not fun getting woken up in the middle of the to change sheets and your child. But, your child isn’t doing it on purpose & probably already feels terrible about it. Try to be encouraging and helpful as much as possible.
  6. Let them know they’re not alone. Whether it’s telling them about how you used to wet the bed, sharing some statistics with them or reading a story about bedwetting, let them know that is does happen to other people and it won’t last forever. Download the FREE “Sal the Sasquatch Conquers Bedwetting” book HERE!
6 Tips to Help You Conquer Bedwetting #ConquerBedWetting

Pampers UnderJams can be found at your local Walmart stores. Plus, you can find out more info from the experts (and even more fun things, like color pages) on the Pampers UnderJams website.

6 Tips to Help You Conquer Bedwetting #ConquerBedWetting

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