Zometool Project Kit – Christmas Giveaway Event

Zometool Project Kit Giveaway

Welcome to A Spectacled Owl’s “30 Days of Christmas Giveaway” Event!  Each day for the month of November, there will be a new review/giveaway posted. There are AMAZING sponsors & AMAZING prizes included.  I am so excited to bring this to all of you wonderful readers and hope you will be excited as well.  Here is how it will work:

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Zometool Crazy Bubbles Kit
Zometool kits are a fabulous gift for those kids (suggested ages are 6-16 but my 4 year old uses them & I like building with them too!) that love science, figuring things out and tinkering with things, like my oldest son Jared (13).  We got to try out the Crazy Bubbles kit from Zometool. This kit comes with 52 pieces & allows you to create all sorts of fun shapes and then make crazy shaped bubbles with them!  You don’t have to have circle bubbles anymore…how about cubic or triangular bubbles, banana curves, spiral bubbles, any shape you can think of!
When you read more about Zometool, you realize that this isn’t just a toy.  In fact, their slogan is “Made for kids, used by Nobel Prize winners.”  A few very interesting facts I learned about Zometool: Jonas Salk Institute has used Zometool in their research for a cure for AIDS.  During a debate over whether quasicrystals were real, Dan Shechtman used Zometool to show that they were indeed real.  He would go on to win the 2011 Nobel prize in Chemistry for their discovery.
Zometool Crazy Bubbles Kit
Zometool has lots of different kits that you can chose from.  Pyramid Puzzle is only $10 and comes with 37 pieces.  With just these 37 pieces, you can build 65 unique pyramids!  Kids will have a blast trying to solve this riddle.  The Creator 1 kit is $59.99 & comes with 246 parts!  This kit comes with clear and colorful step-by-step instructions but you definitely don’t have to only build the things in the directions!  Kids can use their imaginations and create whatever they want.
Zometool kits are sold on their site & also in museum gift stores like the Denver Art Museum.  Order before 12/16 & use the COUPON CODE: Owl.  You will get 15% off the order plus free shipping! Check out Zometool’s Facebook page, where fans upload pictures of all the great things they have made!  One reader is going to win their choice of the Pyramid Puzzle kit or the Crazy Bubbles kit, like we got.  Enter below on the Rafflecopter & good luck!

Winner: Amanda V.

By: Tara Kramarsky


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