What To Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy #HersheysHalloween


I know, I know. Some of you saw the title of this post & laughed your butts off. “LEFTOVER Halloween Candy? Tara, you are crazy! Not in this house!” Trust me, I’m right there with you. There are only a few candies, that shall remain nameless, that end up being “leftover”, otherwise known as thrown away. But, don’t forget that stores usually have their candy for 50% off (or more!) after Halloween so it’s a great way to save some money & get baking!


Hershey’s was awesome enough to send us a box of yummy candies for us to try and use in making something yummy. I have to say that it makes a heart happy to come home, see a giant box & to find all the goodies you see in the picture above. I instantly become #1 Mommy with my kids!

I wanted to make two simple things that the kids could help with. I will be 100% honest…I hate cooking & baking. Seriously, I’m not good at it and if I ever win the lottery (that I don’t play) I will pay for a chef & a maid (I stink at cleaning too!). So, simple is the way to go! The first thing my daughter & chose was Chocolate Caramel Surprise Brownies.


Super simple, just prepare a boxed brownie mix like it says on the back (you could of course make your own brownie batter from scratch but I would be of NO help with that!). We lined our cupcake pan with cute Halloween cupcake liners & I spooned about 1/8 cup of the batter into each of the liners. My youngest two kids had a lot of fun opening up the yummy Hershey’s Rolos and putting one candy into the brownie batter. When all 12 were done, I filled the cups to about 2/3 full with the rest of the brownie mix. I baked mine for about 26 minutes at 350ยฐ. Then, we stuck cute Halloween decorations in each & we were done! Super simple, super fun for the kids to help with & SUPER YUMMY!





The next thing we made were Chocolate Filled Crescent Rolls. It doesn’t get much easier than this, folks! Ready- made crescent rolls & Hershey’s Kisses! BAM! Unroll the crescent rolls just like you normally would, line up 3 Hershey’s kisses on the widest part of the dough and roll up the crescent rolls. Pinch the ends so the chocolate stays inside. Bake according to the package of crescent rolls (mine went about 12 minutes atย 350ยฐ). These make a great after dinner treat or accompany a great cup of coffee after the kids go to bed!



Hersheys9You can always head on over to Hershey’s, where they always have the best recipes and tips for all Halloween. Actually, they have the best recipes, craft ideas & tips for all Holidays!


By the way, did you notice in the first picture that Hershey’s now has Cadbury Screme Eggs? They aren’t just for Easter anymore! These eggs are the same milk chocolate shell you love with a white & GREEN center! Super fun for Halloween!

What would YOU make with your leftover Hershey’s Halloween candy?

This post is sponsored by Global Influence with product provided by Hersheyโ€™s. All opinion’s are my own.


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