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Today was my weigh in after 3 weeks on Nutrisystem.  This past week, I was out of town 5 out of 7 days.  As we all know, eating right when you’re on vacation isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Luckily, we stayed in a hotel with a small refrigerator so as soon as we got into town, I went to the store & bought fruit, nonfat yogurts & string cheese.  I brought my Nutrisystem meals but honestly, we were gone a lot & I only ate them a few times.

So, how can I say I actually “did” Nutrisystem this week?  Before I left, I read my Nutrisystem Success Resource Guide and made sure to pay special attention to the Eating Out section.  The tips I used while I was on vacation were to choose my restaurants wisely (looking up menus online before we even got there really helped), stayed in the healthy or lite section of the menu if they had one, ordered a salad first with non-fat or low-fat dressing on the side, I ordered iced tea or diet soda but always had several glasses of water as well.  I also made sure to pay attention to when I got full & not to eat everything on my plate just because it was there.

Now, was I perfect?  Certainly not!  We went to a small town that had shops of fudge, salt water taffy and caramel apples as big as my head.  I did have some salt water taffy & a slice of fudge, but it was MUCH smaller than what I would have done before starting Nutrisystem.

So, how did I do?  I weighed in this morning and I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw on the scale:



Starting Weight: 241.8
Week 1 Weight: 236.3  Loss: 5.5
Week 2 Weight: 234.4 Loss: 1.9
Week 3 Weight 232.8 Loss: 1.6

Total Lost: 9 pounds

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By: Tara Kramarsky


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