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Ways To Help When Someone You Love Suffers from Depression

Depression Can Strike at Any Age: What To Do When It Happens to Someone You Love

This little girl lost her dad. One morning she woke up and he was gone. Half of her life as she knew it had disappeared overnight. Scared to death of losing her mom as well, she fights sleep, never wants to go to bed, and has reverted inward. From a once playful, energetic, happy, and confident little girl, her world was rocked and she is a scared, lonely, tired, and sleepless soul. Depression can happen overnight, and from this little girls’ experience, I hope to show others that not only is this a very real concern for people of all ages, but to offer hope as well. Real and lasting hope.


What to do if someone you love is caught in the downward spiral cycle of depression:

1) Show Your Love
Pour out your love and everlasting kindness as much as you possibly can. Show them you love them, tell them you love them. Really make them believe and know that YOU love them. Even if they feel like the whole world is against them, they need to know there is at least ONE person in the world that truly cares about them beyond measure; that you will never leave them, that you will never stop loving and caring for them. If you do not live with them, tell them you will be calling them daily, even for just 5 minutes to see how they are doing and if they need anything. Even a genuinely caring soul with a listening ear can do wonders.

2) Find Support
Find a support group. Whether it be online, in person, whatever the case may be. The depressed person needs to know they are not alone. That there are others out there struggling with depression too. A person in the midst of depression often times feels alone. Out of loneliness, they risk suicide and have suicidal thoughts, feeling like no one will miss them if they’re gone. The pain is too much to bear. It would be better, and less pain to bear, if everything stopped. Show them that’s not true.

3) Offer Hope
Continual hope and pray. Let them know constantly that this is not their end. Life does go on. They CAN find happiness and peace again, but yes, they need time to grieve. Everyone does that in different ways. For the most severest of life’s circumstances, it can take up to two years to transition and find closure. There are 7 steps of the grieving process. Read here for more info on those.

As someone that has suffered from depression, I can definitely relate to others that suffer from it. By working together, supporting each other and showing that we care, we can help each other overcome even the hardest of times.

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