Turning potted bulbs into great gifts

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Buying flowers to make my house look and smell pretty is something I love. But what I don’t love is that most flowers don’t last all that long once you get them home.  This year for Valentine’s Day, my 10 year old & 4 year old decided to help me plant some potted bulbs to give to their teachers.  Not only did they make a very pretty gift, they are something that will last & the kids were so proud that they got to help make something for their teachers.

The first thing I did was head to our local nursery.  You can also find bulbs in grocery stores & flower shops, making it easy for anyone to plant them!  My daughter came with me & we found the bulb section easily.  We decided on red & pink tulips since we were doing Valentine’s Day gifts.  A pack of 4 bulbs was only $2.99!  Since my youngest has 5 teachers & aides in his class and my daughter has 2 teachers, we bought 2 packs.  We delivered the 8th plant to the wonderful ladies in the school office.  We bought some good soil for our plants & then headed to Michael’s to pick up some clay pots.  We bought 8 pots and only spent $25 total (for plants, soil & pots!)  Now, where can you buy 8 great gifts for that price?

potted bulbs

The next morning, I headed outside & sprayed all 8 pots with Rust-oleum’s Primer spray paint & then their Apple Red Glossy spray paint.  I love the way they turned out (my daughter said they look exactly like the red Solo cups we have).  After letting them dry for about a day, we got to work planting the bulbs.  With the kids help, I put the bulb in the pot & then we filled it with the soil we bought.  Doing all 8 bulbs in the pots took about 15-20 minutes.

While not all the plants were fully opened yet (some weren’t opened at all), I knew that all the teachers we gave them to would appreciate them.  They could even take it out of the pot & plant it in their own garden.  One of Ryan’s teachers told us she has a bunch of red tulips in her garden so we made sure she got a pink one to add to her garden.  It was so much fun seeing Ryan tell his teachers that he got them a gift AND he helped plant it.  I know that it meant a lot to him & I am sure something like that meant a lot to them.  And to think…all 8 gifts were done for $25 and a little spray paint!

potted bulbs

Who would you give potted bulbs to? 

potted bulbs


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