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Tricks to Help You Enjoy Camping Even When You Hate the Outdoors

There is nothing like camping and communing with nature…unless you are one of those people who just plain hates the outdoors. Being the non-camper in a family of campers can be tough. You’re either shooting down vacation ideas, opting out of enjoying time with your loved ones, or going along for the ride and trying not to show just how little fun you’re having. There is hope, however, for finding ways to enjoy your family’s next camp out, even if camping just isn’t your thing.

Tricks to Help You Enjoy Camping Even When You Hate the Outdoors

Tricks to Help You Enjoy Camping Even When You Hate the Outdoors

Don’t Try to Wing It

Create a schedule of activities for your days, plus backup plans in case of rain. By having a guideline of what your days will look like, you’ll avoid the downtime and bickering that can go along with having to decide on the fly what to do next.

Pack with a Purpose

In most cases, overpacking isn’t the best idea, but being prepared for every possible scenario when camping is in your best interest if you’re not the proverbial happy camper. Make sure to have plenty of clothing options in case of rain or sudden cold snaps. Bring along lots of comfy pillows and blankets to make your sleep space comfortable. Have lots of options on hand for entertainment, such as books and board games, to fill your downtime.

Plan Delicious Food

Instead of hot dogs and S’mores and other standard camping fare, search around for more appealing food choices that can be prepared on a camp stove or over a campfire. You can cook amazing meals in foil packets or in a cast iron skillet that will help to brighten your day while you’re out in nature.Tricks to Help You Enjoy Camping Even When You Hate the Outdoors

It’s All About Location

Research your campsite carefully and look for locations that have the amenities that you’ll need to keep your mood up. Read through the campground rules and make sure that noise (or alternatively, early quiet time) will not be an issue for you. Find out what kind of bathroom facilities are available and check out the reviews about how well kept they are. Finding a good campground can really make your trip.

Harness Solar Power

If the idea of being completely off the grid is just too much for you to handle, look into solar chargers and power sources that will let you charge devices or power small electronics. Sometimes just getting a dose of social media or reading the news to reconnect to the world can help you have a little more fun.

Enjoy the Moments

Go mind over matter and seek out enjoyable moments in your trip. Find silver linings in each part of your trip and use those to shape your mood. Even if you hate camping, you love the people that you’re with, so you’re bound to have some moments of fun along the way.

While you might not fall in love with the outdoors or become an enthusiastic camper, if you put a little effort into planning, you can at least make the experience bearable, if not enjoyable.Tricks to Help You Enjoy Camping Even When You Hate the Outdoors

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