Touch Brewer Brewing System

My husband is one of those people that needs his coffee to start the day off right. Having a good cup of coffee every morning is a must for him but he also loves having coffee at night so he loves being able to make an individual late at night and a pot of coffee when he wakes up in the morning. Plus, while we like having the type of machine that can use K-Cups, we also like having the opportunity to make a whole pot of coffee when we have company over.

Touch Brewer Brewing System

Recently I was given the opportunity to work with a company that has made his morning routine even easier, Touch. After single serving brewers and their accompanying cups hit the market a few years ago, Touch discovered that while coffee drinkers were rejoicing at their ease of use, the smooth and rich taste was missing from the coffee produced from those machines. So, they challenged themselves to offer the same convenience as the single serve brewers while delivering hotter, richer flavored beverages of all kinds. The result was their Touch Brewers.

Touch Brewer Brewing System
Touch Brewer Brewing System
Touch Brewer Brewing System

We received the T526S model for review. The T526S Touch Brewer Brewing System is a high gloss, sleek and stylish new addition to your counter appliance collection. It’s capable of brewing faster than the other leading brand brewers, makes bigger portions so enjoy more at one time and it churns out smooth, bolder tasting coffee. Some included benefits of the T526S include:

  • Compatible with portion packs, including All K-Cup® portion packs and Touch XBold Cup™ and XLarge Cup™
  • Brews Faster, Bigger, and Bolder tasting coffee
  • 8 Cup Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz. and Carafe
  • Brews a pot of drip coffee in about 3 minutes
  • Quickly brews a cup of coffee in about 1 minute: Brewer only takes 30 seconds to warm up from the cold start.
  • Extra Large Water Tank: 90 oz.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
Touch Brewer Brewing System
Touch Brewer Brewing System
I’ve heard from family members that some of their coffee machines that use the K-Cups always make their coffee taste really weak. With our new Touch machine, that isn’t the case at all! If you’re looking to upgrade your old coffee pot or are looking for a brewer that does the job of 10, then the Touch T526S is definitely the model to consider purchasing. It’s bold, it’s stylish and it’s a workhorse that is guaranteed to meet your coffee needs!
You can purchase your own Touch Brewing System at Home Depot or Amazon {affiliate}.
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