Tired of forgetting trash day? Check out The Chore Buddy!


One of the most annoying things that happens here in our house is having to remind a certain 14 year old that tomorrow is trash day & he needs to take the trash to the street. I can’t even tell you how many mornings I’ve woken him up because I can hear the trash truck coming down the street.  Have you ever wished there was something out there that would help you and your family remember trash day?

The Chore Buddy

The Chore Buddy™ was made just for that purpose.  The Chore Buddy™ is a new way to “Never Forget Trash Day Again”. According to a national survey, 51% of families have stated that they forgot trash day at least once in the past three months.  I don’t know about you, but with a family of 5, when trash day comes around, our trash cans are FULL.  If we forget a week, we’re going to have to start putting bags of trash in our garage and that is not something I want to have to do!  Trash starts to smell, it may attract bugs or animals, we already have a small area to work with so that trash would take up valuable space (hubby’s workspace & my craft space!).

The Chore Buddy

So, how does The Chore Buddy™ work?  It’s a small device that attaches to the refrigerator by magnet or any area with an adhesive hook. You set The Chore Buddy™ just like you would any clock and also set when your trash day is.  The Chore Buddy™ reminds your family that it’s trash day with a high intensity flashing LED light.  The LED will flash for up to one hour or until a family member turns it off with a simple touch. The Chore Buddy™ automatically resets itself again for next week, so another trash day isn’t forgotten.  There isn’t an alarm because mornings are usually chaotic enough and the last thing you need is an alarm screaming at you.

The Chore Buddy

I’m sure we can all agree that missing trash day is not something we ever want to deal with, nor is being late to work or school because you had to jump out of the car, race back to the house to get the trash and try to beat the trash truck to your house.  The Chore Buddy™ can help you with all of this!  You can find out more about them on their website, on Facebook or on Twitter and “Never Forget Trash Day Again”!

The Chore Buddy

Disclaimer: I participated in this program on behalf of Mommy Mindset Media for The Chore Buddy™. I received product samples as well as additional compensation for my participation.  All opinions are my own & may differ from yours.


By: Tara Kramarsky


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