It’s About Time Life was Fresh & Easy #freshandeasy

Thank you to Fresh & Easy for sponsoring this post and keeping my meals quick and healthy!

A few years back, a brand new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market opened not too far from my house. I hadn’t heard of it before but decided to head on in & check it out.  Ever since that first visit, I’ve been a faithful shopper at Fresh & Easy. My absolute favorite thing about Fresh & Easy is that I can walk in, go straight to their freshly prepared meals, choose something that my family will love and come home to serve a nice meal without a ton of fuss.

It’s About Time Life was Fresh & Easy It’s About Time Life was Fresh & Easy

Now, you’re probably thinking (because I did too at first) “How good can an already prepared meal from a grocery store be?” and normally I would agree with you. I’ve tried a bunch of different things from other grocery stores with usually NOT good results. But, it’s different at Fresh & Easy. They offer a variety of fresh, wholesome meals like enchiladas, gourmet pizzas, burgers, chicken, Italian meals and more that are easy to prepare and taste great too.

It’s About Time Life was Fresh & Easy

Fresh & Easy also has other great food items like fresh bread, fresh meat & fish, fresh fruit & vegetables with daily deliveries. Plus, most of their items are comparable to grocery store prices (sometimes even cheaper) so you’re not going to go broke shopping there either. Fresh & Easy has their own brand products for things like juices, condiments, frozen items and much more, plus they also carry your favorite top name brands. If the Fresh & Easy name is on it, you’ll know that the products is free of from artificial colors and flavors, transfats, high-fructose corn syrup or anything else hidden in it.

It’s About Time Life was Fresh & Easy

My husband works around the corner from Fresh & Easy and loves popping in, grabbing one of their fresh made sandwiches or salads, a juice & heading outside to enjoy the day. Fresh & Easy sells Wild Oats Organics, which is the the first and only USDA certified organic to-go salads and sandwiches. It’s so much healthier than him driving through the nearest drive-thru! Plus, he can get in and out quickly because all of their checkouts are self-checkouts (but don’t worry if you don’t like that kind of thing! Any time I’ve ever needed help, a staff member has always been close by & usually helps me bag my groceries too).

It’s About Time Life was Fresh & Easy

Since it was a Friday night, we decided to grab some chicken enchiladas and cheese enchiladas for dinner. The small package of cheese enchiladas only took 4 minutes in the microwave and the bigger container of chicken enchiladas took about 9 minutes. Super easy and VERY tasty! We loved the cheese enchiladas the most and can’t wait to go back to Fresh & Easy and get more!

Many thanks to Fresh & Easy for sponsoring today’s story, and keeping my family healthy with their quick meals!

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