The Red Sun (Legends of Orkney) Book by Alane Adams

In my family, we’ve always been big on reading, finding books that my kids really enjoyed and wanted to read, and exposing them to books that they might not think they’d like but at least gave it a chance. Nothing warms my heart more than having my 16-year-old son want to stay up reading until 1am to read a great book or my 12-year-old daughter wanting to talk non-stop about a book she just read. I hope that all three of my kids keep reading throughout their lives and pass that love of reading onto their kids as well.

The Red Sun (Legends of Orkney) Book by Alane Adams

We were asked to read a new book that has just been released. The Red Sun by Alane Adams is a book that is definitely in the Young Adult category but is also a book that adults will enjoy as well. In the story, we are first greeted with a Prologue that briefly introduces us to a world that isn’t like the one we know, with parents that need to leave this world to protect their newborn baby, Samuel. Fast forward to a classroom in a more familiar setting, where we meet Sam. Hmmm, could this Sam be the mysterious baby Samuel that we met in the Prologue?

The Red Sun (Legends of Orkney) Book by Alane Adams

When a dwarf appears, he tells Sam that he is from a magical realm name Orkney. Sam’s friends are kidnapped and he has to be the one to head to Orkney to save them. However, what he doesn’t know until he gets there is that there has been an ancient curse and it’s turned the sun red and poisonous and may destroy the land. Sam has to choose: will he save his friends or stop the red sun from taking over Orkney?

The Red Sun (Legends of Orkney) Book by Alane Adams

I really love that The Red Sun is not only a book that my older kid’s loved reading but it was also a book that I totally got into and wanted to continue reading, as well. What’s even better is there is also a downloadable game that ties into the book. BattleKasters lets fans cast spells and turns live events into a big game board. Players are able to collect digital trading cards and cast magic spells that change the game for everyone. Players must race against time to cast the spells to close the portal, otherwise known as the stonefire, between realms so that dark magic doesn’t enter into the Earth realm. BattleKasters will be played at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA (August 28th – 31st) & at New York Comic Con in New York, NY (October 8th – 11th). You can find out more info HERE.

The Red Sun (Legends of Orkney) Book by Alane Adams

You can find The Red Sun on Amazon and on Alane’s website.

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