The Perfect STEM Gift – Circuit Scribe

From as early as infancy our curiosity runs rampant. Our parents spent our earliest years one step behind to warn us of dangers like oncoming traffic, electric sockets, hot stoves, etc. As we got older our curiosity only grew but we were taught how to manage it and also how to benefit from our natural curiosity. As a parent myself I can sympathize with my parents because I myself have known the fear of a curious child; however I’ve also experienced the joy a child can get from allowing them to safely explore said curiosity.

These days my not so little one is fascinated with how things work, especially electronics. This has led to a lot of dissembling old, non-working, household appliances and close examination of the parts that make them up. Coupled with internet research, there’s been no end to the curiosity that surrounds electronics and their inner workings. He’s a little engineer and loves coding online, too!

The Perfect STEM Gift - Circuit Scribe

When the opportunity to partner with an up and coming company called Circuit Scribe came my way, I was intrigued. They’re known for inventing a remarkable pen that writes with conductive silver ink to create a working circuit. This pen makes it possible for kids as young as 3rd-grade level and even experienced high schoolers able to experience circuitry and electronics in an exciting new way. The best part is that there are only two tools needed to get started: a piece of paper and their Circuit Scribe Pen.

The Perfect STEM Gift - Circuit Scribe

The Perfect STEM Gift - Circuit Scribe

The Perfect STEM Gift - Circuit Scribe

While working with Circuit Scribe I was given the opportunity to review two of their products, the Ultimate Kit and the Mini Kit.

The Ultimate Kit comes complete with everything you need to create dynamic and fun paper circuits. There are 32 pieces in the kit and 10 of those pieces makes up the magnetic connection cables that will enable your child to hook their paper circuits up to programmable platforms like Arduino. The Ultimate Kit includes the following:

  • 9V Battery adapter with 9V battery
  • X4 Bi-LED
  • SPST Switch
  • NPN Transistor
  • Potentiometer  – 10k ohms
  • Blinker
  • Buzzer
  • Light Sensor
  • Motor
  • x10 Connectors
  • x2 DPDT Switch
  • Conductive Ink Pen
  • Circuit Stencil
  • Jumper Sticker Sheet
  • Workbook
  • Steel Sheet
  • 2-Pin Adapter with 5x resistors (100, 1k, 10k, 100k, and 1m ohm) 2x capacitors (0.1uF, 1.0uF) and 1 photoresitor (10k ohms)
The Mini Kit is an ideal stocking stuffer for the curious mind. It includes everything you need to make a dynamic and fun paper circuit, just like the Ultimate Kit. The Mini Kit is the newest and smallest member of the Circuit Scribe family and features a miniature version of the conductive ink pen that comes with the Ultimate Kit. Novices and experts will be able to explore basic circuitry by drawing conductive doodles, creating paper-based switched and fading the LED on and off with the included slider.
The Perfect STEM Gift - Circuit Scribe
Included in the Mini Kit are the following:
  • 5V coin cell holder (with one coin cell battery)
  • Slider
  • bi-LED
  • Mini Conductive Ink Pen
  • Circuit Stencil
  • Mini Steel Sheet
  • Instruction booklet
The Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pen is capable of writing on anything that your typical ball point pen can so you never have to worry about running out of paper to get creative on. This includes construction paper, printer paper, notebook, cardstock and more. Whether you’re a die-hard geek or just starting to become curious about how things work, both the Mini Kit and the Ultimate Kit are great ways to satisfy your curiosity and create something amazing.
To find out more about Circuit Scribe you can visit them online or become a fan of their social media sites like Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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