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In my year as a blogger (I can’t believe it’s been a year already!), there have been many highs & many lows. I’ve met great people and gotten to do amazing things. What truly makes it wonderful though are the times that I get to help someone else. Now, a lot of other bloggers will tell you, we get a lot of emails asking for us to do posts & stuff for free, with people not realizing that our time is just as valuable as anyone else that is working a job. But sometimes, an email will come in and it just makes an impact on me & it doesn’t matter if I am not getting paid for promoting or hosting a giveaway or writing a blog post. It’s just an email that speaks to my heart and I can’t wait to help, even if it’s just a little bit.

tree collage

This past week, I was emailed by a woman named Angie, who runs a blog & etsy shop called The 1500 Tree Project. When I told her I would love to do a giveaway for her, she wrote me back with the entire giveaway already written, modeled after my previous giveaways! I wanted to share her story with you guys because I really love that she is trying to adopt a baby again (seriously, go look at her blog. Her son is ADORABLE!) but she’s also creating these beautiful trees, not just asking for hand outs or anything. She is working hard to make her dream a reality. Here is her story :


In 2012, on a warm Saturday morning in November, my husband and I waited anxiously in an orphanage. At 9 am, the director arrived, carrying a serious(ly adorable) 6 1/2 month boy into the room. I burst into happy tears. Quiet. Happy. Tears. After months of waiting, piles of paperwork, and an indescribable amount of anticipation, we were finally in Taiwan, holding our son for the first time.  Now, we spend our days chasing, laughing, gardening, giggling, and dreaming. And we are thrilled to share that our son is going to be a big brother! On the surface, the 1500 Tree Project is a way to fund our second adoption. 1500 trees made. 1500 trees sold. One fully funded adoption. But really, it’s so much more than that.  It’s cutting leaves out of colorful paper while my son toddles around the living room, babbling away. It’s thinking about designs as my husband plucks away at his upright bass guitar, practicing a bluegrass tune. It’s piecing together a tree when we chat about our days, with the low hum of the baby monitor buzzing in the background with our toddler’s sleeping breaths. The 1500 Tree Project is love and hope, poured into a little 6×6 inch canvas. Joy really is the heartbeat of our shop and the spirit I pour into every piece I produce. Where will you fall in The 1500 Tree Project?

Each tree in The 1500 Tree Project is handmade with love, hope, and joy. They also use acid-free paper and adhesive.  The finished product measures approximately 6 inches by 6 inches.  Angie uses a 1.5 inch-think gallery wrap canvas, so no frame is required.  Each piece arrives ready to hang, place on an easel, or lean against a shelf.  Each piece also receives a unique number on the back, sharing the exciting news of where you fall in the journey.  #4?  #876?  #1499? (I personally think this is amazing and I can’t wait to buy ours!)


Would you like to purchase a tree?  Currently, they sell for $25 a tree on their etsy shop page!  They come in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and red. You can find more information about Angie and her wonderful project on her website and also follow her on Facebook. If you have an account on etsy, maybe show her a little love & make her shop one of your favorites? 🙂


I am VERY happy to say that Angie is giving away one of her beautiful trees. Please like The 1500 Tree Project on Facebook because I think that Angie and all her hard work are pretty amazing! 1 Reader will receive 1 tree art piece from The 1500 Tree Project, US Only. Good luck!

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By: Tara Kramarsky

 Disclosure: I received no compensation for this giveaway. A Spectacled owl is not responsible for shipment of prize.


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