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Homeschool: Ocean Unit Study

Homeschooling: Ocean Unit Study This Ocean Unit Study can be adapted for all grade levels, Preschool through 6th. I’ve included Science, Art, Literature, and “Everything Else”. For Math, you can do any type of counting project with fish, dolphins, or any sea creature! You can even eat some jellyfish for …
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Homeschool: Owl Unit Study

Owl Unit Study Owls are majestic, beautiful creatures that pretty much anyone can enjoy learning about. I love that homeschooling offers so many options, especially when it comes to Unit Studies. Use this Owl Unit Study to get the thinking train started… and let us know where it goes! Science …
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Homeschool: Thanksgiving Unit Study

There are many ways to learn about Thanksgiving, but at an elementary level we usually keep it pretty friendly with lots of turkey talk. These resources will help you complete your own Thanksgiving Unit Study! Science and Math Resources: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin (and more!) Thanksgiving Activities for Upper …