Spring is in the Air! Enjoy it with #FebrezeSpring

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks & Febreze. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

While there is still snow on the ground for some of you, I promise you that Spring is actually here! The flowers in our garden are blooming, the birds are chirping and our doors are wide open bringing in the fresh air.


Bringing Spring into the home with fresh cut flowers is a great idea but some rooms in the house need that fresh, Spring smell but aren’t a great place for flowers. For instance, my 15 year old son’s room. Let’s be real here…have you walked into a teenage boy’s room lately? I can assure you it will NOT smell like fresh cut flowers. But there is a solution for that! Febreze Spring Scents are a limited edition collection of spring scented products that will make any room in your home smell fresh and Spring-y (Is Spring-y even a word? I’m making it one!)


Two weeks ago, I placed the Febreze Set & Refresh in my son’s room, on top of his book shelf. It instantly made the room smell so much better! The problem that I have had with other air fresheners is that while they smell good when you first spray them or set them out, they quickly lose their scent. I can happily say that after 2 weeks, I can smell the Sweet Pea scent every time I walk into my son’s room. It is never overwhelming, which is great because my son’s asthma is sometimes bothered by things that are too strong. The Set & Refresh is perfect because you don’t have to plug it in (there are never enough plugs in the kid’s rooms) and no batteries are needed either! The scent lasts for 30 days and the refills are only $2.97 at Wal-Mart so it’s a great bargain!


There are 4 Febreze Spring Scents that you can try out for yourself: Rain, Sweet Pea Petals, Wildflower & Nectar. What I love about Febreze is no matter where you want to have a new scent in your home, there is a product that is perfect for that area. Here are the different products you can buy:

  • Fabric Refresher –  keeps fabrics fresh and odor-free
  • Candles – provide hours of warm, glowing freshness
  • Air Effects – perfect to spray your favorite scent anywhere it’s needed
  • NOTICEables – provides 2 fresh alternating scents that lasts up to 30 days
  • Set & Refresh – ideal for smaller spaces (no batteries or plugs needed!)
  • Car – clip this onto one of your vents to freshen up your car
  • Stick & Refresh – stick at the source of the odor for up to 30 days (perfect for indoor trash areas!)

What’s your favorite thing about Spring? Head on over & check out all of the #FebrezeSpring Scents at Wal-Mart, plus follow Febreze on Facebook & Twitter!

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