Space Scouts Review & Giveaway – Win a One Year Subscription ($174 value)

There is something magical about the sky and the cosmos. Think about it, even when our kids are babies, one of the first songs we teach them is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. There is just something about the night sky that can completely mesmerize us. Now there is a fun and easy way to teach kids more about the moon, stars and outer space, while having fun. This is how Space Scout was born.

Each month, Roxy and Jett guide kids on a scouting mission through galaxy. These learning adventures are designed to teach kids about the wonders of the Universe, and start a love of science and technology.


The monthly adventure starts with a Space Scout lunchbox to use as a backdrop and a place to store the magnet collection. There is a Space Scouts solar system poster that the kids get to add their monthly exploration sticker too and a Space Scouts constellation card start up kit that holds the constellation card collection. Then as the kids get a new box each month, it will include Space Scouts exploration plan telling the place they will be exploring, a new Space Scout magnet to add to the Space Scout lunchbox, stickers to add to the solar system posted, a fun Space Scouts activity sheet loaded with puzzles, games and activities and a sticker scramble that reveals a fun surprise. There is a Space Scout souvenir toy to use for learning activities, a constellation card and a constellation activity sheet that teaches the mythological stories and has other learning activities to help your child find the constellations in the night sky.


For this Space Scout monthly subscription box, there are several options to choose from. There is a monthly option for $11.95, a 3 month plan for $36.00, a 6 month place for $70 and a 12 month place for $135. All plans can be canceled at anytime, renews automatically, and there is a $3.00 monthly shipping fee.


One lucky winner will receive a one year subscription to Space Scouts (a $174 value). The giveaway is open to residents of the US through December 7th, 2014. Enter using the form below and good luck!



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