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Simple Parrot Craft for Kids

Even though my kids are getting older, I still love being able to do fun crafts with them. This Parrot Craft for Kids was a fun idea that we came up with because we had extra cups left over after a family party. Crafting is always better when you can use supplies you already have on-hand! Even if you don’t have extra cups, you can head over to your local dollar store & pick some up. What kinds of crafts do you like doing with your kids?

Simple Parrot Craft for Kids



  1. Fold your white paper in half, draw a beak with the flat side on the folded edge, and cut out with scissors.
  2. Color the bottom half of your parrot beak with your black marker and glue to the center of your red cup.
  3. Glue two googly eyes above the beak.
  4. Wrap a yellow and orange piece of yarn around the cup about 4 times going around the beak and eyes and secure the ends with glue.
  5. Group 3-4 feathers together for parrot wings and glue them to the front sides of the cup with the bottoms by the bottom edge of the cup.

Simple Parrot Craft for Kids

Simple Parrot Craft for Kids

Simple Parrot Craft for Kids
Simple Parrot Craft for Kids


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