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Ruby’s Diner is Celebrating Their 33rd Anniversary & YOU Get a Great Deal!

One of our favorite family-friendly places to eat here in San Diego is Ruby’s Diner. We’ve been heading there to eat since my kid’s were really young and we always love the fantastic burgers, shakes and fries. The iconic diner is celebrating 33 years as a great place to eat and hang out and they’re letting YOU in on the celebration!

On December 7th, head into any Ruby’s Diner across Southern California and receive a fantastic burger special! Their signature $8 RubyBurgers (with fries too!) will be available for only $1.99! Now that’s a GREAT deal!

Ruby's Diner is Celebrating Their 33rd Anniversary & YOU Get a Great Deal!Our favorite Ruby’s Diner is situated at the end of the Oceanside Pier. It’s so much fun to walk down the pier, people watch and then enjoy a nice burger at Ruby’s. I just took my best friend to this exact Ruby’s about a week ago and it was a lot of fun doing all of those things, plus watching the people fishing right outside the window. If you ever get a chance to check out this Ruby’s Diner, definitely do it!

Ruby’s Diner was also recently voted the best gourmet burger in California by the OC Register! Now that’s an accomplishment! If you’ve never been to a Ruby’s Diner, you have to try out their milkshakes. They have flavors like Oreo Cookie Fantasy, Caramel Banana, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Turtle and many more.

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Visit HERE to find your nearest Ruby’s Diner location and don’t forget to head in on December 7th and get a delicious RubyBurger for $1.99!


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