Protecting all those Expensive Devices with SIMPLR™ #SIMPLRplan

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I don’t really seem to have the best luck with keeping my devices safe. I had a netbook that I accidentally left on the bed and it overheated and stopped working. After that, I bought another netbook and dropped it, causing the screen to no longer work (luckily I could still hook it up to a monitor but that sort of defeats the purpose of having a laptop). Then there were the numerous times I dropped my old cell phone, making it pop open & the battery go flying (even though my husband told me a million times to get a case for it). Not to mention the time I washed that same cell phone that was in my jeans pocket. And to think, I’m always talking to my KIDS about responsibility!


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As more and more expensive product keep making their way into our home, I decided I wanted to find something that keeps these new gadgets safe. Enter SIMPLR™. It’s a hassle-free, simpler (get it?!) way to handle what happens when our favorite products stop working.  It covers Accidental Damage from handling (like my drops, spills and cracked screens) for our portable products like tablets and laptops. (Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for details.) So, how does it work? You choose a plan that fits the product you have, register it online and keep your receipt. If and when your favorite product stops working, simply visit SIMPLR™ to open a claim. SIMPLR™ claims are super easy & hassle-free. You’ll just pack & ship your product (or schedule an in-home repair) and then receive your repaired product, a replacement or a reimbursement. Life’s hard enough, might as well make something simpler, right?


What I also love about SIMPLR™ is that there are no extra surprises…no additional fees, no deductibles and no repair costs! And since my kids are getting older and wanting more expensive devices, this is something I will definitely look into getting before I make a big purchase. SIMPLR™ covers all sorts of thinks like portable electronics , laptops, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, major appliances, jewelry & more!

To find out more about SIMPLR™, make sure you check out their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest.

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