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For quite awhile now, I have seen friends buying the candles that have rings inside of them. When I was asked to review a candle from Prize Candle, I was definitely excited.


All of the Prize Candles come in a pretty white & pink striped box. I loved that on the top of the box, it says “Discover a prize valued at $10 to $5000 in every eco-conscious premium soy candle.” Reading that, I got even more excited to open up the box! Inside was a very pretty white candle. All of the Prize Candles are 9 oz and made of all natural pure premium soy wax. Not only that but all the candles are made in the USA and the soy is grown here as well.


I have to admit that I was nervous to burn the candle and wait until my prize appeared but I also have a hard time waiting for things so I started burning it right away. The Prize Candles are designed to burn for up to 40 hours (my prize took a few hours to appear). When it was time to pull out the prize, I followed the tips on Prize Candle’s website…I snuffed my candle, I carefully removed & opened my prize. Inside was a very pretty ring and a piece of paper. What you do is head on over to PrizeCandle.com, enter that code & find out what your ring is appraised for. My ring is worth $10 and I have to say, I really love it! If your ring is appraised for over $500, you can receive a written appraisal.


All the rings are sized 6-9 and meant to be worn on any finger. Mine fits perfectly on my middle finger. If your ring is appraised at a higher value, you can take your ring to a local jeweler to have it re-sized.

Prize Candles don’t contain any¬†¬†parabens, ammonia, chlorine or lauramide DEA & are pesticide-free. Head on over to check out all their scents and to find out more about them HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.



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