Preventing Summer Learning Loss

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All three of my kids are homeschooled and we use different ways of learning for each one. My oldest son (17) does all of his classes through an online charter school, my daughter (13) goes to a charter 2 1/2 days a week and then does book work and my youngest son (8) goes to the same charter 2 days a week and does a mixture of online work and book work. We try to work with each of their strengths and weaknesses and use a program or way of learning that works best for them. One thing that I do worry about is summer learning loss and what happens when we stop schooling in June and don’t start up officially homeschooling until August or September. Will they forget everything they’ve learned over this past year? Will we have to do a lot fo review to get to where I need them to be?

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

There are things that you can do to help your child learn throughout the summer, resulting in little to no summer learning loss. Here are some tips that we use:

  1. Visit the library. Most libraries have a summer reading program where the kids can keep track of the books they read and sometimes even earn prizes. Not only will your kids love trying to earn their prizes, they can also be learning and working on their reading skills as well.
  2. Hit the local museums. Search your local area for fun museums. Here in San Diego, we have a lot to choose from but I know that even smaller towns have fun and educational museums, too.
  3. Use a Summer Bridge Activities book. These grade-specific books are a great way to keep the learning going on through the summer but they don’t make it feel boring and like “school”. The lessons only take 15 minutes a day and help to prevent summer learning loss. Each book helps your student review what they have learned from the school year that they’ve just finished and helps them prepare for the grade they’re about to go into. We’ve loved using them with our older kids in the past and I’m loving that the 2nd to 3rd grade book is going to help my youngest son this summer.
  4. Set up a field trip. Ask the families in your neighborhood if they want to go on a field trip. There are many places to choose from like local grocery stores or the fire station.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

With a recommended book list, 15 minute-a-day activities and fun flashcards, the Summer Bridge Activities books help me to keep my son on track for third grade. They’re already a great value but now you can even save some money! Save 25% off Summer Bridge workbooks by using the coupon code: SBA25. Order your book HERE today!

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