Play Time & Learning Come Together with TOOBS

Most kids toys these days, have batteries or chargers and they light up or make noise. I miss my kids having toys that require them to use more of their imagination. When I was given the chance to review TOOBS® from Safari Ltd., I jumped at the chance.


Every time we go into Michael’s to pick up crafts supplies, my kids are always drawn to the TOOBS® display. If you’ve never seen TOOBS®, you’re probably asking what exactly are TOOBS®, right? They are a reusable acetate tube that snaps open and closed for easy storage. The best part is what is IN the TOOBS®. Each is filled with a collection of hand painted miniature replicas that feature vibrant colors, professional sculpting and accurate detail.


TOOBS® are available in many different themes, making it a great tool to teach your kids about animals, the Earth, History and more. Some of the themes are more traditional like Whales & Dolphins, Butterflies, & Cats.  But there are also many different themes that are unique and fun! If you want to teach your kids in a fun, hands-on way, using these great looking replicas would be a lot of fun! You can teach and learn about North American Wildlife, Ancient Egypt, Jamestown Settlers, World Landmarks and many more! How is that for variety?


Ryan bought his one TOOBS® set with his birthday money after he turned 5. He loved the Knights & Dragons set and loved it even more that he could buy it with his own money. When he got to choose another set from Safari Ltd, to review, he chose the Lair of the Dragons, Collection 2. My daughter Ashlyn also wanted to get something for herself and she chose the Fairy Fantasies set.


The Fairy Fantasies set came with six winged fairies, including a Fairy Queen and a Fairy Baby, all about 3 inches tall. Ashlyn immediately started setting them up and playing with them. Ryan’s Lair of the Dragons, Collection 2 came with six ferocious dragons, including a Sea Dragon, Two-headed Dragon, and Four-winged Dragon.

Do you have a birthday or special event coming up? You are able to buy a bulk set of many of the collections that Safari Ltd. makes.  Imagine how much kids would love playing with Dinosaurs, going digging for buried Fossils or getting to see different Monuments from around the World.

My kids definitely love their TOOBS® sets and are already talking about which ones they want to buy next!



You can check out all the great products that Safari Ltd. makes, on their site. You can also follow them:



Head on over HERE and enter to win a $50 credit to spend on anything Safari Ltd. makes!  Good luck!


By: Tara Kramarsky
 Disclosure: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.  Any monies earned from these purchases goes right back into running A Spectacled Owl.


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