P’Jamerz – Helping Kids Overcome Their Bedtime Fears – Review & Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I was afraid of the dark. There wasn’t any one thing in particular that I was afraid of, it was just the unknown. Still to this day, I can’t do things like hang my foot over the end of the bed when I sleep because what if?

  • 1/4 of all children have at least one nightmare a week
  • Interrupted sleep habits can lead to unhealthy sleep cycles in children and developmental issues
  • Security objects such as toys can help children sleep through the night

Shauntay Lee Michaels, creator of P’Jamerz, has come up with a way to let children have fun but also allow them to conquer their own fears and anxiety of sleeping. P’Jamerz are toys & a storybook (both a storybook you can hold and also an animated version, seen below) that helps kids face their nightmares and helps to promote a secure, fun, happy and light routine that can help your child sleep through the night.


All About the P’Jamerz Story

The dreamworld was created by twilights, fairies whose job it is to make the dreamworld a fun place for everyone, a place where dreams come true.

An evil fairy named Knightmare corrupted part of the dreamworld to induce fear into the heart of dreamers.

The twilights sought to fight back KnightMare by giving special kids the magical power to transform and harness the power of their animal pajamas.


The P’Jamerz toys are fun and easy for a child to hold and carry around. There are 4 main characters and an evil fairy named Nightmare.

Animal: Lion
Age: 7
Special Powers: Claws, Lion Roar
Archie is energetic and has tremendous heart to face anything thrown at him. Since you can always find him out front he is looked to as the leader.

Animal: Bear
Age: 7 and a half
Special Powers: Strength, Grizzly Attack
Karis has the biggest heart and is willing to help others in need especially those who do not have the strength to help themselves.

Animal: Eagle
Age: 6
Special Powers: Soar, Eagle Screech
Jia is the calmest of the group always looking at the bigger picture. Her family mentality helps keep the group working as one.

Animal: Frog
Age: 5
Special Powers: Mega-Jump, Tidal Splash
Although Tommy is the youngest of the group he is the smartest most resourceful. He has learned to use his powers more effectively than the others.

Age: 6 Staryears (approx really old)
Knightmare is a Twilight fairy that turned evil. Knightmare wants to ruin the worlds dreams by twisting hope and happiness into fear. As evil as Knightmare’s plans are he isn’t really that scary as he’s rather quirky and jittery.

I love all the care that goes into packaging up the P’Jamerz. When you look at P’Jamerz Instagram profile, you can see that Shauntay paints the inside of each box, adds fluff for clouds & little gold stars. Our characters and book were packaged with care & it really shows!


To find out more about P’Jamerz, please go visit their site and also on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest and also head over to their Kickstarter page!


Giveaway Details:
Prize: The P’Jamerz Package: ($30 value) 1 book (Archie’s story), 2 P’Jamerz plush toys (Archie & Knightmare), 2 Character cards, 1 P’Jamerz sticker & the link to the animated video of the story – Episode 1.
# of Winners: 4
Open to: US only
Winners will receive the 1st look at a new product launching through Kickstarter. You will receive your prize regardless of the Kickstarter campaigns success!

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