Personalized Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to believe that we’re far enough into 2016 that we’re already thinking about what we’re going to get our significant others, spouses and kids for Valentine’s Day. Wasn’t it just New Year’s Day a couple days ago? I love buying gifts for people but sometimes it’s either hard to buy for that special someone or you want to do something different than you’ve done before. No matter who you’re buying for (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, kids, your BFF), nothing says you care like personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day from MY M&M’S.

Personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day

Recently, I wanted to get my girlfriend a gift and headed over to MY M&M’S to check out what they had. I had heard about personalized M&M’s before but I had no idea how much personalization you could do! There are 25 colors of candy that you can create your own blend from and then add your own pictures, messages or choose something from the clipart library. I love that you can choose to add a picture of you and your significant other together, a phrase that means something to the two of you or even a date (your wedding day or the day you met, for example).

Deciding what to design for my girlfriend was a hard choice. I thought about putting a picture of the two of us, a phrase that means a lot to us and a heart. But then I started looking around MY M&M’S and came across the NFL Team Blends. Knowing that she is a huge Denver Broncos fan, I looked to see what they had and I was so incredibly surprised. Not only were there M&M’s with the team name and logo (in the team’s colors, of course) but I was able to choose a glass bowl with the team’s logo on it as well. Even when she’s done eating the M&M’s, the candy bowl will be able to be used for so many things. I love that…fun but also something practical that she’ll be able to love for a long time.

Personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day Personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day

While the gift I chose doesn’t exactly scream Valentine’s Day, I know she loves it and that’s the important thing! If you’re looking for something that is more Valentine-y, there’s so much to choose from! These two are my favorite:

Personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day
MY M&M’S® Sweet Bundle
Exclusively ours! Our M&M’S® heart tote and M&M’S® white bear make a super sweet gift. Includes an 8oz M&M’S® acrylic full of personalized M&M’S®. Approximately 5 servings of candy.

Personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day
MY M&M’S® Romance Candy Dispenser
Make Valentine’s Day last the whole year. Our romantic candy dispenser includes a 1lb bag of personalized M&M’S®. Approximately 10 servings of colorful candy.

Looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift? Head on over and check out the MY M&M’S Valentine’s Day Idea Gallery. There are so many great ideas to look at!

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