Personalized, Durable Labels from Kidecals – Review

Every month or so, we get a call and an email from my son’s elementary school. The lost & found there is always filled with jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles, hats, backpacks and more. I can’t help but think how much money the parents have spent on all that stuff, just to have it sit in the lost & found. The school donates everything that isn’t claimed after awhile (and it goes to a very good cause) but still, that’s a lot of lost stuff that could have been found if it was all labeled correctly.

Now that my son is headed back to school in a couple weeks, I’ve decided I want to make sure that all of his jackets, folders, lunch gear & his backpack are labeled, just in case it gets lost. Kidecals makes personalized, durable labels that are waterproof in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that’s perfect for this. You can choose a style and color that your child will love and then have the labels shipped to you (shipping is ALWAYS free, no matter how much you buy!). Best of all, you can personalize them to have your phone number, the child’s room number, anything you want to help your child not lose a bunch of things this year!

Personalized, Durable Labels from Kidecals - Review
Personalized, Durable Labels from Kidecals - Review

Kidecals¬†aren’t only¬†for kids though. As you can see from the picture above, you can personalize and order chalkboard labels for organizing, wall decals, allergy alerts, labels for kitchen and more. Plus, you can even get keyboard stickers to spruce up the keyboard on your computer. What’s great is the personalizing and ordering at Kidecals is really simple. You can choose the labels by use, gender, shape, age style & more, then choose what label you want to personalize. As you type in the boxes, your personalization appears on the stickers on the left hand side of your screen. That serves as your proof so you can automatically see if the spelling is correct & you make sure you like how it looks. On some of the labels (like the ones in the picture below) you can even move the font around a little bit to get it just perfect. I adore the labels in that picture & they are exactly what I would buy if I decided to ever share my baked goods with anyone outside my immediate family. Let’s just say I’m not the best baker & leave it at that.

Personalized, Durable Labels from Kidecals - ReviewPersonalized, Durable Labels from Kidecals - Review

So, whether you want to put a label on every school supply your child has, a label on all of their winter gear or an allergy alert sticker (customized to tell whoever is caring for your child exactly what they are allergic to), Kidecals is a place you have to check out. Waterproof, Durable, Customizable & Fun…head on over and check out Kidecals today. I think you’ll really like what you see! You can also find Kidecals on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Personalized, Durable Labels from Kidecals - Review

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