Peaceable Kingdom Board Games – Christmas Giveaway Event Day 23

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I’ve mentioned in other posts that we love board games here.  We have quite a few but we definitely have our favorites.  One of them is Count Your Chickens by Peaceable Kingdom.  Not only is it a really cute game, I love it because it is a cooperative game.  That means everyone works together to try to win.  There isn’t one winner…either everyone wins or no one wins.  This has been really helpful with our 4 year old Ryan.  He has a VERY hard time with losing so this has been a great help in showing him that we can work together to achieve a goal.

Peaceable Kingdom Board Games

We had the pleasure of reviewing two other games from Peaceable Kingdom.  The first game is called Snug as a Bug in a Rug and it is honestly one of the cutest game ever.  In this game, there are different levels that you can play, each one getting harder, so it’s appealing to different aged kids.  With Ryan, we play the easiest level.  You roll the dice & then spin the spinner.  Say on the dice, you rolled a picture of different shapes.  You then spin the spinner & it will land on a particular shape.  Find a bug with that shape on it’s back & slide it under the rug.

The object of this game is to get all the colored bugs under the rug.  However, if you spin something & you don’t have a bug that has that color, shape or number of shapes on it, you have to put a stink bug on the rug.  If you get 3 stink bugs, the game is over & no one won.  If you get all the bugs under the rug before getting 3 stink bugs, everyone wins! Snug as a Bug in a Rug is great for ages 3-6, you can play in 15 minutes, no reading is required & 2-4 players can play.

Peaceable Kingdom Board Games

The second game we got to play from Peaceable Kingdom is Race to the Treasure.  This game is geared for ages 5+, you can play in 20 minutes, no reading required & is for 2-4 players.  In this game, your goal is to beat the ogre to the treasure by creating a path.  You have to strategize & work together because along the way, you have to collect 3 keys to open the treasure.  If you do it before the ogre gets to the treasure, every one wins.

Peaceable Kingdom have more cooperative games (I think Hoot Owl Hoot was made for me!) and many other really fun items!  They are letting me giving away Race to the Treasure & Snug as a Bug in a Rug, 2 winners, 1 game each 🙂  Check out Peaceable Kingdom on their site, Facebook, Twitter and you can sign your kids up for their Birthday Club!  Please enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter below.
Winners: Janna & Katie S.

By: Tara Kramarsky


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