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Overcoming Homeschool Classroom Clutter

One of the biggest challenges homeschooling families face is the continually growing stack of papers, books, supplies and more needed to complete their daily and annual school tasks. While it may seem impossible, Overcoming Homeschool Classroom Clutter is truly an easy thing to accomplish. With a bit of prep work and routine clean up, you can keep your classroom, cubby or small space in order consistently without the frustration you have felt before. A few investments in inexpensive storage and binders can go a long way toward keeping your classroom clutter free and progressive.

Overcoming Homeschool Classroom Clutter

Color Coordinate For Each Child. Classroom organization 101 always includes assigning each student their own color. All binders, pencil cases, supply tubs and more can easily be purchased in different colors for each child. Keeping track of what belongs to who can be made 100% easier when everything is color coordinated. Go so far as having each students scissors and pencils a singular color so nobody is accused of stealing someone else’s.

Keep School Books Away From Regular Reading Books. While you will intermingle some books at times, make sure your book cases or tubs are separated by what is used regularly for school purposes and what is used mainly for pleasure reading. This helps prevent long searches for a much needed school book.

Clean Up Desks & Shelving Daily. Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be put away today. It may seem cliché, but simply put – it works. At the end of your class work make sure all children put away their supplies and books in proper order before they are free to play or do other things. Keeping everyone responsible and on top of things will save your sanity and keep things in order continuously.

Invest In Proper Storage. Bookshelves, storage units, bins, tubs and containers are all necessary at different degrees to help keep your classroom organized. Whether you invest in a full set of bookshelves with different shelves for different children, or you purchase small storage totes in various colors and assign to each child – the purpose is to be able to easily put things away in an orderly fashion to prevent clutter and chaos.

Assign Weekly Clean Up. For basic cleanup like dusting, wiping down counters or desks, taking out trash or emptying pencil sharpeners – make a weekly chore list and assign each person a task. Don’t take it all on yourself, share this burden with your students. They create the bulk of the clutter and should be willing and able to clean up after themselves.

Take a break and have school outside. Sometimes you just need to step away from the classroom and go outdoors or on a field trip to refocus and be able to get a grip on what your true classroom needs are. Whether it is lounging on a picnic blanket and letting the kids each read a book to you, going to a local museum for a field trip or taking a quick trip to the beach for a day of play, you’ll feel refreshed, energized and better able to focus – thus able to get on top of the clutter and get back in control in the classroom.

No matter your teaching style or the space you have available, all of these tips on overcoming homeschool classroom clutter can apply to you and your class. Whether your class is the living room, dining room or a special designated room in the house doesn’t matter as long as you are working together to learn and grow each day.


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