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Origami Owl

I am not a huge jewelry wearer.  The only thing I wear every single day is my wedding ring.  But, I’ve been looking for  something that I can wear and have it not only be something with my kid’s birthstones but also something MORE.  As I started looking around online for something, I came across Origami Owl.  Origami Owl has these pieces of jewelry called Living Lockets.  A Living Locket is sort of like your traditional locket in that it has 2 sides that open up & you have things inside the locket.  But, the Living Locket is much different than a regular locket.

Origami OwlThe first step you do in building your Origami Owl Living Locket is to start choosing your charms that will go inside your locket.  There are honestly so many charms to choose from, in so many categories.  Step 2 is choosing what size, type & finish of locket you want.  Step 3 is choosing your chain (there are lots to choose from!).  Step 4 is choosing your plate if you choose to have on in your locket (I chose to not have one). And finally, if you chose, you can add a dangle for the outside of the locket.

Origami Owl

For my Living Locket, I chose an owl charm (I know, shock, right?), 2 little boy charms with my sons birthstones (February & April), a little girl charm with my daughter’s November birthstone & a Mom charm.  I chose the large silver locket & the silver ball station chain. I wondered if opening the locket would be hard or on the other hand, would my cute little charms fall out? The truth is, it’s easy enough to open, add more charms, take some out but the locket also has small magnets that keep it closed & your charms safe.

Origami Owl

I am incredibly happy with my new Living Locket & I’m already planning on buying 2 more charms.  I want to get the wedding ring charm to represent my husband and the laptop charm to represent my hobby (and obsession :))  While on the site, I learned that Origami Owl was started in 2010 by a FOURTEEN year old!  That is just amazing to me!

Origami Owl

I was also very touched by the Hope for Newtown necklaces that Origami Owl also has.  There is a 16 inch Hope For Newtown necklace & a 30 inch one.  When you buy one of these necklaces, Origami Owl will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale to the victims and their families through the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

Origami Owl

Thanks so much to Lisa Lieberman, Independent Designer for Origami Owl for sending me a beautiful locket to review & for offering a lucky reader the chance to WIN one in tomorrow’s “Give A Hoot Giveaway Hop”!  Please visit Lisa on her Origami Site and on Facebook.  These Living Lockets would make a great gift for anyone, especially with Valentine’s coming up and Mother’s Day in a few months!



By: Tara Kramarsky


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