Organizing my Desk with Poppin Office Supplies

Last week in my post about our new Mohawk Rug & painting of our living room walls, I shared that my desk is in the living room. There is probably room for it back in my bedroom but since I do a lot of blogging and I’m up & down all day from the computer, out in the living room made the most sense. However, my husband will be the first person to tell you that me & organization are not BFF’s! When I was asked to review Poppin Office Supplies, I was so excited! Just by looking at Poppin’s site, you can tell they make beautiful products! Since it’s going to be in our living room, I wanted to choose a color that matched things in here so I chose aqua.

Poppin Office Supplies

I got to choose up to $75 in products so I chose: a desktop tray set, a box of signature ballpoint pens, a small soft cover notebook, a desk accessory tray, pen cup, stapler and tape dispenser. When everything arrived in the mail, I was so excited to get to work. As you can see from the picture below, my top desk drawer was just sad. I also could never find a pen because I didn’t have a pen cup!

Poppin Office Supplies

Having the desk tray set and accessory tray inside the drawer, lets me keep everything organized and I can find something really quickly! No more digging around to find my camera or a notebook to write things down in! The pen cup, stapler & tape dispenser fit right in on the top of my desk. I’m also in love with the ballpoint pens…I love the way they write! I keep making sure my kids take “the other” pens & not my Poppin pens when they need one!

Poppin Office Supplies

Whether you’re buying office supplies for your home office or your office away from home, Poppin has just about everything you could ever want! First, they are lots of colors to choose from (and you don’t have to choose just one! Mix & match!). Then, there are so many things to choose from, like notebooks, desk sets, dry-erase boards, seating & much more! You can also use the Design-a-Desk feature to see how different color products look together.

Poppin Office Supplies

Poppin Office Supplies

Poppin has been featured in many fun & popular publications. Plus, you know a company is cool when they have a page like THIS to showcase their employees!

Have a desk that needs some extra love? Head on over to Poppin & see everything they have for your desk & office. While you’re there, sign up for their newsletter & check out their Free Stuff section! You can also follow Poppin on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

What color would you choose to organize your desk with?



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