New Year, New You 2013 with eMeals.com

I know that so many of us say to ourselves that this year will be different.  We will eat healthy, drink more water, give up soda (yup, that’s me this year!), eat more vegetables.  So often, we make these resolutions & then slip back into our old habits and feel so defeated.

This year I have decided to try something different, something that I have had bookmarked for as long as I can remember but kept putting it off.  This year, I am using emeals.com.  All I did was go to emeals.com, choose the eating style I am interested in (gluten-free (which is what I am interested in due to health issues of my own)), classic meals, clean eating, simple gourmet, paleo, low carb, low fat, portion control, natural & organic or vegetarian), choose the # of people I will be cooking for (Family, which is 3-6) and then you can choose your favorite grocery store (for Gluten Free, there was only the option of Wal-Mart so I chose the one that would be at every other grocery store).

New Year, New You 2013 eMeals.com

I’ve already been able to log in, look at last week’s menu plan & next week’s menu plan.  The new menu plan will be posted every Wednesday & will be emailed to me.  You can also add a subscription for breakfast and/or lunch menu plans!

New Year, New You 2013 eMeals.com

You can Eat Healthy, Save Money, Lose Weight AND Get Organized!  I absolutely HATE meal planning, I am terrible at it but this is going to make it so easy for me.  I even have a grocery list all ready to print out!  That makes it so much easier for me & much easier for me to stick to this way of eating!

New Year, New You 2013 eMeals.com


Check out eMeals.com on their website, their blog, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!  New Year, New You 2013!


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