My Friendship Bracelet Maker – Christmas Giveaway Event Day 15

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Growing up, I had so many friends that knew how to make friendship bracelets.  My lack of crafts skills started young & I was just never able to “get it”.  I really wish My Friendship Bracelet Maker was around back then so I could have busted out some rad bracelets (yes, I still say rad!)
MyFBM features a slide out drawer that houses the precut threads.  The kit comes with 56 threads of 14 different colors, cut to 60″ length.  Having the pull out drawer, keeps all the threads organized, which is great for my daughter  because she is not usually a well-organized person.  On the top of the case, there is a butterfly clip that holds your string as you are knotting it.  You can adjust the butterfly clip depending on the length of your string.  There are also 10 slots that hold the individual strings in place as you’re knotting.  MyFBM is great for traveling because everything you need is kept together in one spot and it’s easy to hold on to as you’re sitting in the back of a van or on an airplane.
Friendship Bracelet
MyFBM also has patterns & videos online to help you if you get stuck or are looking for new bracelets to make.  You can check out other great products from them on their site and also visit MyFBM on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. Also, please take a look at the great Kid’s Causes that MyFBM helps with and see how you can help too!


One lucky reader will win their own My Friendship Bracelet Maker.  Please enter on the Rafflecopter below!

Winner: Stephy O.

By: Tara Kramarsky


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