Mr. Coffee® K-Cup® Single Cup Brewing System Review

I received a product from Mr. Coffee® in order to write this review. No other compensation was given. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

It’s no secret that here in our family, my husband is quite the coffee addict. He drinks at least one cup before heading off to work in the morning, several cups during the day and at least 1 cup at night. Since he is the only coffee drinker here, he never makes a full pot of coffee, usually just enough for 1 1/2 cups in his french press. However, he’s been wanting to try a coffee maker that takes the Keurig® K-Cups® so that not only can he make one cup of coffee at a time, but he can also try different flavors of coffee too.

Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System

Mr. Coffee® sent us the Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System to try & review. When we opened the box, I was happy to see there wasn’t a lot of pieces or things to put together. Inside was the machine itself, the water reservoir, 5 K-Cups® to try and the instructions. Nice & easy!

Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System

Inside the box, you’ll find an instruction book & a Quick Start Guide. I love when products have the Quick Start Guides because it makes it so much easier than having to read a whole book of instructions, plus it has pictures which is a huge plus. First, we cleaned the water reservoir with a little soap & hot water. Then, we filled it enough to make 2 cups of coffee. I really like that part, that you don’t have to take the reservoir off the coffee machine for another cup of coffee, it’s already hot & ready to go after your first cup. (The reservoir holds 40 oz. of water – perfect for multiple cups of coffee!) I put the reservoir back on the the machine and asked my husband which K-Cup® flavor he wanted to try first. In case you haven’t used a K-Cup® before, you just pop it in the little tray (that is really easy to open) and close it. You don’t open the K-Cup® or anything, the machine does all the work!

Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System
Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System

The great thing about the machine is you can choose what size coffee you’re about to make (6 oz., 8 oz. or 10 oz.). If you want to do the 10 oz., you can remove the removable drip tray to accommodate larger cups or travel mugs, which is perfect for my husband to do in the morning before he goes to work. We chose to test out the 8 oz. size and turned on the machine.

One of the complaints that my husband read online in reviews was that it took longer than the 1 minute brew time that it states on the box & in the instruction manual. We found that for the first cup of coffee, it takes about 2-3 minutes from the time I hit the brew button to when the coffee is actually finished brewing. We then put in another K-Cup® and tested it again (again, using the 8 oz. setting) and it took about 45 seconds. I think that the first brew just needs a little bit to warm up the water & I certainly don’t think that 3 minutes is too long to wait. We just found that it was longer for the first cup than what it said on the box & also longer than the cups that were brewed after.

Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System
Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System
Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System

I love that this machine is completely easy to set up & use. Also, not only does it brew great tasting coffee, you can also make iced tea & hot chocolate as well. There are 250 coffee, tea & hot chocolate varieties to buy for a K-Cup® machine from companies like Bigelow, Tully’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and more. K-Cups® are easy to find in stores or you can buy them online too at places like Cross Country Cafe (affiliate link).

Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System
Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System

My husband plans to take the Mr. Coffee® K-Cup® Single Cup Brewing System with him to put in his office at work. It’s so convenient for him to just pop in his favorite flavor K-Cup® and have a cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. He usually had to walk down the street to his work cafeteria and it wasn’t always convenient to do so, so now he can have a great cup of coffee any time!

The Mr. Coffee® K-Cup® Single Cup Brewing System has a MSRP of $99.99, but it’s also being sold on Amazon for less (Currently it’s $80.10 plus FREE shipping!) (affiliate link)

You can check out more great Mr. Coffee® products on their website & also find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.



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