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Minecraft Party Games and Activities

Kids and adults all over the world are obsessed with Minecraft, which makes it a popular choice for a birthday party theme! If you’ve chosen this as your next party theme, but are wondering what Minecraft party games and activities to prepare, then keep reading! Jennifer Carver, of Spaceships and Laser Beams, has 4 Minecraft fans living in her own home. She is sharing some creative ideas to keep Minecraft party guests entertained!

Minecraft Party Games and Activities

Creeper Crafts

Minecraft lovers will instantly recognize the Creeper from the game. Establish a craft station where party guests can recreate the Creeper face/head. Not only will these crafts provide a fun, creative outlet, but the finished projects can function as a party favor too! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Craft Creeper favor bags using green gift bags and squares cut from construction paper. An even easier alternative is to hand draw Creeper faces using a black permanent marker.
  • Create Creeper pins using green and black Perler beads (found at most craft stores). Attach a simple pin to the back with hot glue.
  • Decorate a Creeper keepsake box. Purchase square paper mache craft boxes and provide green and black paint or a combination of green paint and black vinyl for crafting Creeper.
  • Using recycled boxes and miscellaneous craft supplies (paper, paint or tape), create Creeper heads.

Creation Station

Minecraft involves a lot of building. Why not let your party guests build and create?

  • Set up an area where guests can build a Minecraft house or world using the Minecraft colored Legos available in stores (regular Legos would work too).
  • Provide materials for guests to create their own pickaxes from foam or cardboard, or if you are feeling especially crafty, create simple pickaxes out of wood using a jigsaw.

Video Game Play

A Minecraft party wouldn’t be a Minecraft party without a little game playing.

  • Set a timer and let guests take a turn playing the thrilling video game.
  • While guests wait for their turn, play “Pin the Eye on the Creeper” or have Creeper inspired puzzles for them to put together.


Mining for precious ores and materials is a big part of playing Minecraft. Recreate this by setting up a mining experience for your guests.

  • Fill a big plastic tub with brown sugar and hide various “precious” objects. I like the idea of using candy to represent the things mined in the video game. You can make a key showing what each type of candy represents.  Let guests dig around in the “dirt” for a specified time, trying to unearth all of the hidden treasures.

The only problem with planning a Minecraft party filled with so many fun games and activities may be actually getting party guests to leave!  Mix and match the suggested activities with your own ideas for a party that guests will really dig!

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