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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas


HOW TO PLAN A MINECRAFT BIRTHDAY PARTY (by Stephanie from Spaceships & Laserbeams)

Does the birthday kid at your house have his/her heart set on a Minecraft themed party? If you’ve never played the game yourself, the idea might seem intimidating but don’t let that keep you from making the wish come true! From invitations to birthday cake to favors, everything in the Minecraft universe comes in the shape of a simple square. Once you start digging through these Minecraft ideas you’ll be surprised at how easily this theme idea comes together.

Part of the appeal of the Minecraft game is the building and breaking of whatever the player wants to make: a castle, a mountain, a dessert, a farm, etc.  The main character, Steve, has all sorts of adventures. There are caves to be explored and jewels to discover but creepers and other unpleasant characters must be avoided. This Minecraft world is predominantly colored in earth tones of brown, green and black like you’d see in dirt, grass, sticks and bricks. Happier adventures use sky and ocean blue, too. Take your cue from these earthy shades and build party decorations in the same colors.

A food buffet/dessert table is a great place to focus the decorations. Whether you opt to build a backdrop of trees, the stone wall of a cave or a giant creeper face, using squares of color will effectively reference the pixelated look of the game. Character figures from Minecraft can also populate the table. The pick axe and sword are familiar tools of the game so they can also figure into your decorations.

Part of the fun of a party is eating treats. Find inspiration from the game for your menu, too, by including choices that represent game pieces of sticks, slime, diamonds, coal, etc. A typical Minecraft cake is a square blockhead, pig, or TNT with fondant topping in game colors, but the more traditional round birthday cake looks great with a few fondant squares, too.

Keep party gamers happy with themed activities. A bonus of these craft activities is they can do double-duty as party favors. Popular choices include:

-creating Minecraft characters and icons with Perler Beads

-craft Minecraft character face masks with cardstock or make the figures with boxes

-let each guest make their own themed t-shirt

-pre-party, make a Minecraft piñata

-make the Minecraft sword or axe from cardboard

-hide “jewels” and have guests go on a hunt

Building fabulous birthday memories with the Minecraft theme really is easy…you just start at square one and build!

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