Michelina’s Frozen Meals – #MakeItYourMichelinas today!

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Sometimes I get really bored making lunch at home. I feel like I run out of ideas on what to make & it’s the same thing every couple of days. I am someone that likes having frozen meals on hand but sometimes I even get bored with those! Who says you can’t get creative with your frozen meals and make them your own?

Michelina’s wants you to do just that! While Michelina’s already makes great meals, you don’t have to leave it just like it is! You can add things to it, spice it up…the choices are endless! Michelina’s takes their Italian heritage and adds in American innovations, resulting in traditional recipes and new flavors. Their food is made from fresh ingredients and is low priced because they understand that value is important to us all.

If you could create your own Michelina’s recipe what would you make?

Craving a little Mexican food? How about taking Michelina’s already super yummy Santa Fe Rice & Beans and making Taco BowlsMichelina's Frozen Meals

Want to feel like a kid again? Try the Franks ‘n’ Cheese with Michelina’s Mac & Cheese (which is so good!) and a yummy hotdog!Michelina's Frozen Meals

Lasagna Tacos is something I’ve never even heard of or considered making but after looking at the picture, I can’t wait to try them!Michelina's Frozen Meals

What about Seafood Alfredo? Take Michelina’s Fettucine Alfredo, add shrimp, asparagus, salt and pepper and VOILA! A wonderful meal that you will enjoy & NOT find boring at all!Michelina's Frozen Meals

Now, who would have thought you could make all these great things (plus SO many more on Michelina’s site!) from frozen meals that are such a great price! Go ahead and Make It Your Michelina’s today! Make sure to Follow Michelina’s on Facebook & Follow Michelina’s on Twitter for even more inspiration! And if you make something and #MakeItYourMichelinas, I’d love to hear about it!


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