Maleficent Activity Sheets


Maleficent is in theaters TODAY! Are you planning on seeing it this weekend with your family? My daughter and I had the chance to go see it Wednesday night and I have to say, we really loved it. We saw it in 3D, which I usually avoid because I don’t love 3D at all, but I loved how the forest and all the creatures really came to life in 3D. Angelina Jolie did a great job but I especially loved the girl that played Young Maleficent. I could have watched her for a lot longer, she was adorable!


Maleficent is rated PG and was perfect for my 11 year old daughter. I think that this movie is best for kids over 10 but if you have a younger child dying to see it, definitely see it first. I know that all kids are different in what they like, what they can handle and what scares them but there are some scenes that might scare young kids.


If you’d like some great activites for your kids, you can download the Maleficent Activity Sheets or the just released Maleficent Cut-Out Scene Maker, so your kids can use their imagination and make stories of their own!

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