Making Chores Fun with ChoreMonster

I received an opportunity through Canopi to partner with ChoreMonster. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own & honest.

Making Chores Fun

Growing up, my mom didn’t give many chores to my sisters and me. She loved things to be perfect & found that it was easier to just do them herself. Now looking back, she wishes she would have given us chores & I do, too. With my three kids, I want to make sure to teach them to do things around the house, learn what it’s like to earn something in return for doing those chores & the feeling of a job well done.

norbert-500x500For the last month, we’ve been using ChoreMonster. ChoreMonster allows you to assign chores for your child (or more than one kiddo, which I love) and assign them a point value through either their website or their mobile app (they are working on an Android app). For example, I gave my oldest son his normal chore of checking all the trash in the house each day & taking it all out to the trash bin. When he’s done doing the chore, he can log into his own ChoreMonster account, check off that he is finished and once I approve that it’s done, points are then added to his account. He can then turn them in for rewards that can be small or can be bigger and teach him, and the other two kids, how to save their points for something they really want.

Making Chores Fun

Making Chores Fun

Making Chores Fun

As time goes on & the kids earn more points, they will earn more monsters for fun & surprises. Also, with each chore a child does each day, they earn a ticket to spin the wheel in the Monster Carnival. The child will have a chance to earn a new monster or win booby prizes, like a broken black & white TV, a jar of farts or an apple core. My kids found that to be pretty funny!

Making Chores Fun

Making Chores Fun

My friends over at ChoreMonster are letting me give ONE HUNDRED of you (yes, you read that right!) a FREE month Membership to ChoreMonster. Now you’re probably thinking, “Ah! So that’s how they get you! A free month and then what? I have to pay a ton of money?” And the answer is simply no, you don’t! After that month, you can continue with a free account. With the free account, you still get the kids chore/reward tracker & the parent management system. With the monthly membership of $4.99, your child will be able to earn tickets to the Monster Carnival, where they will be able to win monsters or consolations prizes. They will also gain access to the upcoming Monster Marketplace, where they will have access to virtual goods, specialty monsters, games, puzzles, activities & more! To receive your FREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP, head on over to ChoreMonster (I don’t get anything in return for you guys signing up. I just think you’ll really love it!)


After checking out ChoreMonster & getting your free month membership, make sure to head over and like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Disclaimer: I received an opportunity through Canopi to partner with ChoreMonster. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own & honest.

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