Lunch Time Fun with Beatrix NY

Last year, I reviewed a backpack that my son was going to use for Kindergarten. He used that backpack every single day of Kindergarten and absolutely loved it. In fact, he loved it so much and it was so well-made, he decided he’s using it for 1st grade too. The added bonus is we now have been able to review a matching lunch box & cozy can to hold his drink!

Lunch Time Fun with Beatrix NY

Beatrix NY created Ryan’s Alexander the Robot backpack and also his new lunch box & cozy can. His new lunch box also features Alexander the Robot on the front and is made from the same great materials that his back pack is made from. These insulated lunch boxes (that come in different characters and colors) are perfect for keeping your child’s lunch cold until they are ready to eat it. The lunch boxes are made out of heavy-duty nylon and are machine washable, which is so important with kids! On the back of the lunch box, you’ll find a name tag so it never gets lost and a zippered pocket for a napkin, utensils or anything else you child might need. These lunch boxes are also PVC free, phthalate free, lead free & BPA free!

Lunch Time Fun with Beatrix NY

Lunch Time Fun with Beatrix NY

The Alexander the Robot cozy can  is a great addition to any of Beatrix NY’s lunch bags.  These cozy cans (there are five to choose from) are the same size as a can of soda & hold 280ml of liquid. Since these cozy cans have vacuum insulation, your child’s water, milk or juice will stay cold for hours. It can also keep hot drinks hot as well! The top is removable so it’s easy to clean and it features a sealable sippy-straw opening. The cozy cans are lead, BPA and phthalate free!

 Lunch Time Fun with Beatrix NYLunch Time Fun with Beatrix NY

I am so pleasantly surprised at how well Ryan’s Beatrix NY back pack has held up. He’s not only used it every day for Kindergarten, we’ve also taken it with us in the van filled with toys and books many times and on a few small trips with us (carrying his clothes & toiletries). Ryan loves that his backpack, lunch box & cozy can match and all feature Alexander the Robot. I love that the bags & the cozy can are free of harmful chemicals, plus I also know that the backpack has lasted in great condition for over a year now & I expect the same quality from the other items as well. We’ll definitely be buying from Beatrix NY in the future!

Beatrix NY has a lot of fun items on their website for you to check out, like wheeled suitcases, iPad cases, little kid backpacks, big kid backpacks and more! You can check out their catalog for all these great items too. You can also find Beatrix NY on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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