Lugz Strider Men’s Shoes Review

Buying shoes and clothes for my oldest son, who is 15, is sometimes very easy and sometimes very hard. The easy part is he loves wearing T-shirts that are fun, young and have funny sayings so those are always easy to find. He also loves wearing comfortable shorts, like basketball shorts. That’s it, that’s pretty much his whole wardrobe. So that’s easy enough to run to the store & buy those things for him. But, what’s not easy is when I need him to try on clothes and shoes or to go with me into an actual store. He likes me either doing it all for him or just picking something out online.

Lugz Strider Men's Shoes Review

When it was time to get him some new shoes, I was thrilled to find Lugz because they have such a wide variety of shoes to choose from. Lugz carries the fun, young styles that my son likes to wear, but they also carry tennis shoes, work boots and more for men. Not only that but there is plenty to choose from in the women and kid’s sections too, so Lugz makes it easy to shop for everyone’s new shoes in one place! Also, if you need shoes & boots for work, Lugz is the perfect place to get them, too!

Lugz Strider Men's Shoes Review
Lugz Strider Men's Shoes Review

Jared chose the Lugz Strider BD from the Canvas Collection. He chose them in Black & White but they also come in Navy/White & Chocolate/White. These shoes are a lightweight tennis shoe with a brushed denim upper. The collar of the shoe & the insole are padded providing a lot of comfort, which is great for him because he has some ankle issues and needs all the comfort & support he can get.

Jared loves the look of his new Lugz shoes and says they are very comfortable to wear. They have a cool style that he loves and I love that it was easy to shop for shoes for him. We will definitely be buying more Lugz shoes in the future!

Lugz Strider Men's Shoes Review

Lugz Strider Men's Shoes Review

Head on over to Lugz website to shop for your own pair of Lugz shoes, plus you can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

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