Little Lamb Floor Beds Review

When I first became a parent, I was pretty darn lucky to have a baby that liked sleeping, put himself on a schedule and actually liked sleeping in his crib.  I thought all babies were like that.  Then, I had baby #2 and realized that is not the case.  Not all babies like cribs or heck, even like to sleep unless they are being held by Mommy.  Baby #3 just hated sleeping, anywhere, anytime.  Even at almost 5 years old, he’s hard to get to sleep at times so we won’t go into how many nights a week he sleeps with me & my husband sleeps on the couch (his choice because he doesn’t like being squished in bed lol).

Little Lamb Floor Beds

All judgement of where babies “should” sleep is gone and I am all for co-sleeping or sleeping wherever as long as it’s safe!  Whether you’re looking for something to use for your kids next to your bed or even when your kiddos are laying on the floor watching movies, Little Lamb Floor Bed makes a really great product you should check out.  Little Lamb Floor Beds are made out of two layers of Unreal Lambskin® synthetic fleece that are sewn back-to-back, making a super comfortable bed for your kids. The beds come in different sizes (we were sent a medium floor bed to review).  Since the two layers have a lock-stitch backing, the material won’t unravel or shed.

If you are worried that your child might wet the bed or leak through the night, it’s no problem!  Moisture drains down through the backing, keeping your child dryer and not soaked in the morning.  Not only that but the material is non-allergenic, stain resistant, machine washable and dryer safe.  Being able to throw it in the wash AND dryer is a huge plus in my book!

Little Lamb Floor Beds

The Little Lamb Floor Bed is incredibly soft and would also make a great play pad for a baby.  Or, you could take it with you on a sleepover.  My youngest likes to lay on it when he is watching movies or playing video games.  It’s MUCH more comfortable than laying on the hard ground.  I even laid on it (although my giant body looks a tad different on it than my son’s) and could tell why he loved it so much.  Very soft & I couldn’t feel the hard ground at all through it.

Little Lamb Floor Beds

Little Lamb Floor Beds come in several different sizes: 18″x24″ (Small), 23″x35″ (Medium, the one we reviewed), 30″x40″ (Large) & 36″x50″ (X-Large).  Shipping in included with every order, plus you can get 10% off by sharing their page.  Repeat customers can also get discounted “loyal customer” pricing for themselves, their friends and family.

To find out more about Little Lamb Floor Beds, please visit their site.


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