The Lifter Hamper Makes Laundry Easier


With a family of five, I feel like there is one chore that I always seem to be doing…laundry! I don’t know how parents of bigger families keep up with all the laundry. If I miss one day, I feel like the laundry pile is a huge avalanche, just waiting to bury us alive. I never thought that having a new hamper would help with this but I am happy to say that this is exactly what happened!


I was asked to review the Lifter Hamper, which has been seen on DIY Networks, “I Want That!” show & ABC’s “Shark Tank”, and said yes mainly because our old hamper was just so ugly & falling apart. However, after watching the video of the Lifter Hamper in action (you can watch for yourself below), I got excited and couldn’t wait to try it out. I mean, it may sound weird to get excited over a hamper but I gotta tell you, it’s the truth!

The main goal of the Lifter Hamper is to help us with all the laundry. Simple and straightforward but how can a hamper really help all that much, you ask? The Lifter Hamper can hold 2-3 loads of laundry & is a bungee spring loaded hamper. When it’s empty, the cloth part of the hamper springs up & stays close to the top. As you start adding clothes and the load gets heavier and heavier, the cloth bag hangs lower and lower. The biggest benefit for this is once you take the Lifter Hamper to your laundry area, as soon as you start taking clothes out of it & putting them into the washer, the cloth bag rises so you aren’t having to bend down and reach all the way to the bottom of the hamper.


The Lifter Hamper is also on wheels so it makes it so much easier to wheel it into the laundry room then having to carry a big hamper that’s overflowing with clothes or trying to carry a load to the washing machine & dropping things along the way. The Lifter Hamper is 36” H x 16” W, so it’s really not that much bigger than the last, plastic hamper that we had. It’s taller but not wider. Since we live in a small home with 5 people, space is at a premium so this is really good news! Also, if you want to store it, it can be folded and is only 2 ½ wide when folded.


The Lifter Hamper was invented by Marvin Phillip, a father and a former NFL player. After a back injury ended his career on the football field, Marvin created the Lifter Hamper to help his growing family, the growing pile of laundry and also because he wanted to find a way to make everyday chores easier, especially for people with bad backs, seniors and pregnant women. Early on, even small moves would cause Marvin’s back a lot of pain so he grabbed his football playbook notepad and began jotting down ideas and drawing. Soon enough, Marvin was able to create the parts that he needed to make the Lifter Hamper.


The only “complaint” I have is that the directions on how to put the Lifter Hamper together were a bit confusing. Whenever I have to put something together, my pride takes over and I want to get it all done without having to ask my engineer hubby. But this time, I had to ask him because I needed some help. Once he looked it over and realized what the diagram was showing, it came together very easily. We’ve been using the Lifter Hamper for a couple weeks now and we all really love it. The kids have even asked if I can buy one for their bathroom!

You can find out more about Lifter Hamper by visiting their website and also finding them on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. The Lifter Hamper is sold on their site and also on Amazon {affiliate link}.

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