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Letter From Santa Christmas Printable

Christmas is such a magical time of year! I remember being little and trying to fall asleep as fast as possible so Santa could come. Then waking up at the crack of dawn, just knowing he had been there and not being able to contain my excitement any longer. My older 2 kids (14 & 11) are past the Santa age & my 5 year old never really grasped the concept of Santa, so we never really pushed the idea with him. But one of the best parts of rushing out to the tree & seeing what Santa left, is also seeing if Santa ate the cookies & drank the milk that the kids left for him.

Below, you will find a Letter From Santa Christmas Printable, that you can print out and leave for your kids, next to the empty plate of milk & cookies (and don’t forget the carrots for Rudolph!). I suggest either writing with your left hand or having a friend or neighbor write it for you. Kids are too smart & can tell you wrote it!

Click on the graphic to download the PDF!

Letter From Santa Christmas Printable


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