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Learning How to Play Guitar Affordably with Fender

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Fow awhile now, my oldest two kids (son, 18 and daughter, 14) have wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Since we were homeschooling for many years, that would have meant we had to pay for all the classes out of pocket & it just wasn’t doable at the time. After their dad & I divorced, they still talked about wanting to learn to play the guitar but with money being tighter than ever, I just knew that that wasn’t possible. Of course I wanted them to learn to play an instrument (and one that they were actually interested in playing!) but it’s hard when there aren’t many classes in your area and the ones that are local are just WAY too much money!

Learning How to Play Guitar Affordably with Fender

Finding something that is affordable but can be done in our home has been a huge relief! Everyone is familiar with Fender guitars and their high-quality, beautiful guitars. But, did you know that they have a guided online learning program that teaches new guitar players how to start playing in minutes? Fender Play has hundreds of instructional videos, plus hands-on exercises that allow you to learn based on your own musical preferences. After a few short lessons, your child (or you!) will be able to learn something new, like a new skill, a full song or a recognizable part of an already famous song. It’s great that no matter what your musical preference is, you’ll find a song that you love and want to learn.

Learning How to Play Guitar Affordably with Fender

Learning How to Play Guitar Affordably with Fender

For me to learn a new skill, I know that I need to actually watch someone doing that skill to get it down. I can’t just read about how to knit, for example, and then know how to do it. I need to either have someone show me in person how to knit or watch videos that show me in great detail how to knit. With Fender Play, you’re able to watch amazing 4K multi-camera video production that shows a split-screen view and an over-the-shoulder angle that makes it simple for a new player to see what’s happening from their own point of view.


It’s great that my kids are able to learn the songs that they already love. This keeps their attention, more than having to learn songs that are outdated or songs that they just aren’t familiar with at all. Fender Play breaks down these songs to the basics so it’s easy for them to understand and start playing. It’s exciting to see them learning this new skill, especially because they’re loving it so much!

Learning How to Play Guitar Affordably with Fender

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