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Learning About The Different Systems of the Human Body

Learning About The Different Systems of the Human Body

The human body is a fascinating thing! There is so much to learn about our bodies, there are so many different bones, organs, and so  – much more! If you didn’t already know, our human body has multiple different systems that help to make our body function properly. Each system is made up of different parts of our body and they all are required to work together to form a healthy, functioning body! Let’s learn all about our bodies and their bodily systems!

Skeletal System: The Skeletal System consists of all 206 bones in our body! This gives our body the support we need to be able to move around, walk around, and do all of the things we do on a regular basis from day to day!

Muscular System: The Muscular System is made up of all of our muscles in our body! The Muscular System is extremely important to our body because it helps with our body functioning and also, muscular activity is responsible for a good portion of our energy consumption! The three types of muscles that are within the muscular system are skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles, and smooth muscles.

Digestive System: The Digestive System is the system in our body that helps to transform the food we intake into energy for us to be able to function throughout the day! The parts of the body included in this system are the throat, esophagus, both small and large intestines, rectum, and anus.

Lymphatic System: The Lymphatic System is made up of lymph nodes that carry a clear fluid called lymph. When we get sick, sometimes our lymph nodes swell up. The lymphatic system consists of the thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes.

Learning About The Different Systems of the Human Body

Endocrine System: Our Endocrine System is responsible for releasing the hormones into our body that are essential to our body. Both man and women have different types of hormones, the two main ones being Testosterone and Estrogen.

Nervous System: The Nervous System is used to transmit messages from parts of our body to our brain so that we can then perform those functions that our brain was informed about. It is broken up into the Central and Peripheral Nervous System. The Central nervous system consists primarily of the brain and spinal cord and then the Peripheral Nervous System is made up of little fibers coming off of the spinal cord that transmit messages to other portions of the body.

Circulatory System: The Circulatory System is used to circulate everything throughout our body. This system helps to circulate nutrients, gases, hormones, and many many more things!

Urinary System: The urinary system is used to create, store, and get rid of urine. This helps to eliminate any unnecessary fluids or waste that are in your body.

Immune System: The Immune System is responsible for keeping us healthy and fighting off any disease that may come our way. It is important to take the necessary precautions for keeping your immune system strong and fighting to keep you healthy, things like this include eating healthy and taking vitamins!

Integumentary System: This system is used to protect the skin, hair and nails from any damage! So basically when it comes to you getting bumps, bruise, or cuts…this system is used to help heal your skin back to normal!

Respiratory System: The respiratory system is the system in our body that makes it possible for us to breathe regularly. The air passes through our lungs and causes us to inhale and exhale, resulting in our regular breathing.

Reproductive System: The reproductive system is what makes it possible for us to reproduce and get pregnant to give birth to children. The reproductive system is different when it comes to men and women. Men’s reproductive system is made up of the Penis and Testes. The Woman’s reproductive system consists of the Uterus, Ovaries, Vulva, Labia, Clitoris.

This is all about our body! It is so crazy to think about how much it takes for our body to function on an everyday basis!

If you are interested in studying more about the Different Systems of the Human Body with your kids or doing a unit study with them, here are some great worksheets and activities to get you started:

Learning About The Different Systems of the Human Body

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