Learn AND Have Fun with Learn with Homer

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Our family is a homeschooling family and we love finding new and fun ways to not only learn but to also enjoy what we’re learning. No one wants to pay attention and learn when it’s boring! My kids are also very technology oriented, as are many kids, and they loving finding sites, games and videos online that are educational and fun.

Learn AND Have Fun with Learn with Homer

We were just introduced to Learn with Homer and for the past week, we’ve been having a lot of fun with it! Learn with Homer is great for kids ages 3-7 and can be played either using a computer or by downloading the app and playing on a phone or tablet. With activities in Reading, Science, History, Music, Art, Vocabulary and Games & Stories, there’s something for every child to learn and play with. Plus, with the Homer Method, it’s been proven to boost scores up to 74%!

Learn AND Have Fun with Learn with Homer

Stephanie Dua, Homer’s founder & CEO, started Learn With Homer when her older daughter wanted to do fun reading activities at home but even though there were a lot of learning materials available, none of them were the quality that she was looking for. That’s when Learn with Homer was born. Stephanie and her team searched for inspiration all over the globe, visited classrooms & even found some of the things they were looking for in vintage school books.

Learn AND Have Fun with Learn with Homer

With over 1000 lessons and activities (including stories, games, history, science, art & music), your child will not only love learning but will be entertained the entire time. I love that I am able to log and see Ryan’s progress (he’s 7). I can actually listen to a recording of him reading a book! Sometimes he doesn’t feel like reading a book to me but loves being able to read them on Learn with Homer.

Learn AND Have Fun with Learn with Homer

Learn with Homer has been around since 2013, engaging more that 1.5 million children worldwide and this fall, it’s getting a new look! There will be new navigation and an introduction to a new themed world that will make it even easier to find all of the learning material that is available.

Learn with Homer is available for free and with a 30-day trial from learnwithhomer.com or on the App Store on iPad. Unlimited access to the entire curriculum is available for $7.95 per month or $79.95 for a full year’s membership.

Head on over to Learn with Homer now and receive 50% off a one year subscription! To find out more about Learn with Homer, please visit their website and find them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

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